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About Diane

About me

I have been a certified teacher in Arizona since moving to Gilbert from New Jersey in 1994.

I began my teaching career as an Early Childhood teacher in a small private school in New Jersey. I continued teaching grades K-2 in the General Education classroom for more than 11 years.  In that time I became fascinated by the different learning styles of children and the strengths of each child.

After several years in Special Education I decided to bring my experience directly to your child. I am now a resource for parents and students.

I do more than just work with children. I work closely with parents so they know how to employ the same strategies when I am not there.


In the General Education classroom I was able to individualize instruction by adapting teaching methods, forming small groups, and working one on one. This is a challenge in the typical classroom.

When the opportunity to join the Special Education staff in a Kindergarten through Grade 5 setting, I knew it would be the right fit for me. It allowed me to enhance the educational experience of upwards of 50 students each week as a Resource Teacher. I worked with individuals and small groups bridging the gaps between student performance and classroom expectations.

Later, as an Early Childhood Special Education teacher I rounded out my experience by working with the youngest students to enter school.

My Credentials

AZ teaching certifications:

  • Special Education Learning Disabilities K-12
  • Early Childhood Special Education 0-5 yrs
  • Elementary Education K-8
  • Reading Specialist K-12 Endorsement

Specialized training:

  • TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and other related Communication handicapped CHildren)