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IEP Guidance

What is an IEP?

An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a document that specifies the Special Education services a child will receive and why. An IEP must be in place for a child to receive Special Education services within the public schools.

The IEP process begins with the parents identifying the possible need of the child. This is followed by a multi-disciplinary evaluation, review of data, eligibility determination, and writing of the child’s IEP. This process can take several months to complete.

The completed IEP includes your child’s strengths, areas of need, services to be offered, measurable goals, classroom and/or testing accommodations, and plan for the IEP team to meet within one year for review.

The IEP team consists of the parents, general education teachers, special education teachers, school district representatives, and other related service providers as needed such as speech, occupational, and physical therapists.

It is important for parents to take an active role in this IEP process.

How can I help you?

I will prepare you for any IEP meeting you will be attending.

I attend meetings with you and participate in a respectful, knowledgeable way.  Alongside you, I make sure you understand what is being said and offer input as needed. Together, we will go into this meeting knowing what you want for your child.

I will prepare you to ask the questions you need to ask to address your child’s individual needs.

Where do we begin?

Contact me by phone or email and let me know what kind of help you need. We will arrange to meet where it is most convenient for you. This first meeting costs nothing and allows us to get to know each other. We take it from there. I approach your family’s needs in an individualized manner.

If your child has a current IEP we will review the document, note any areas of concern, and make suggestions for change and/or improvement. This is our chance to discuss how you think this IEP is working and what changes may be beneficial to your child.

If your child is new to the process, I will meet with you and listen to the concerns you have for your child. I will answer your questions about how the process works, and prepare you for the upcoming meetings. When you know what to expect we can reduce your anxiety and boost your confidence in order to be more effective on your child’s behalf.

I help you become a well-informed member of the IEP team.