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Special Education Tutoring

Who do I see?

I work with students with a diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, or Specific Learning Disabilities.

What do I do?

I begin by listening to your concerns for your child’s performance and abilities in school.

I review your child’s IEP so I can be sure to include any accommodations/modifications available to him based on present levels of educational performance, response to intervention, and teacher observation.

Then I work with your child.

Each session is highly individualized to the student. I give your child what he or she needs. This might be building skills that are weak, re-teaching concepts that are not understood from class, or pre-teaching concepts for improved classroom participation.

Why hire me?


My experience as a general education teacher gives me insight to a typical day in the life of your child.  My experience in special education is what makes me your child’s at-home resource teacher.

My rates:

In my Gilbert location: $45/hour

In your home: $55/hour